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Comprehensive Arizona CCW Permit Preparation Course (CCW)


We are Industry Certified and Associate Instructors, and we will deliver the highest quality training for these courses. We highly recommend this 1 Day, comprehensive course offering if you are seeking your Arizona CCW Permit.

We are requesting groups of 8 or more (e.g. community groups, church groups, corporate teams, etc.)

This is a course that every gun owner should take.
Ask yourself these questions:

- Did you take the $49 CCW course just to save a few dollars, and all you did was sit in a classroom to watch a powerpoint ?
- Did you actually hold your firearm and learn about stance, grip, sight alignment and so on ?
- Did you go to the range and operate your handgun ?
- Do you feel confident enough to carry your handgun ?
- If your are confronted by an attacker and there is an immediate and significant threat of bodily harm or death, would you know what to do ?

Sure that $49 CCW class from another instructor sounds good. It saves a few bucks and only takes a couple of hours. However, think about it. Do you want to have a permit and never have gone to the range as part of your training ? Where you sat in a classroom and watched a powerpoint presentation ? Think about others on the street who might be carrying concealed. Do you feel safe knowing that they might have taken a quick and dirty classroom version, and possibly never even learned how to fire their gun ?

We do NOT follow that minimal approach to training. Our comprehensive CCW training covers more than a just simple review of the AZ statutes.

Carrying a firearm comes with critical considerations of safety and responsibility. If you want to carry a concealed firearm, we want to make sure that you have comprehensive training. Alternative to most AZ CCW Offerings from other schools and instructors, we offer a comprehensive CCW package that exceeds the AZ Revised Statute course requirement.

Our 1 Day CCW training includes:

- Firearm Safety Rules
- Handgun Components (Grip, Slide, Cylinder, Barrel, Mag, Mag Release, Slide Stop, Cylinder Release, Trigger, Sights)
- Handgun Operation (Stance, Grip, Sight Alignment, Sight Picture, Trigger Control, Recoil Management)
- Understanding the use of Force
- The Aftermath of Surviving an Attack
- Review of CCW and Self-Defense related Arizona Revised Statutes
- Range Instruction and Firearm Operation (including range practice and self-defense scenarios)

Upon successful completion of our CCW course and in order to apply for your Arizona Concealed Carry permit, you will be required to submit fingerprints and a CCW permit application form to the AZ DPS (Fingerprint fees are paid to whatever provider  you use and we can make recommendations. Application fees are additional/separate and are paid directly to AZ DPS). Note that background checks may be performed by Arizona DPS and there is no guarantee that your permit will be approved.

You will be required to bring your own firearm (clean, maintained and in fully functional condition), and 50 rounds of factory new ammunition that is verified to match your firearm (reloads, steel core, and soviet imports are not allowed). If you need to rent a firearm, we can help to make arrangements.

Course Fee (prepaid at least 30 days in advance of the class)
$125 per person

Next Scheduled Class - TBD

Please contact us at


All fees and costs are subject to change. Seat availability is not guaranteed unless you have reserved your place and prepaid the course fee. Our CCW Course is scheduled based upon range and classroom availability.

Contact us for training options and more information

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