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Active Shooter
We continue to see tragic events, where innocent lives are lost due to attacks by those who are mentally ill, or those who are associated with or influenced by Terrorist Groups (foreign or domestic). These events are unacceptable and our prayers go out for those who have been lost or injured, and to their families, friends and loved ones !

The Realities, Emotions, and the Effect of Sensationalism and Media
Unfortunately the media is both heavily biased and without expertise or experience.  Further, many of our politicians react with proposed legislation that is entirely based upon emotion and may allow the public to "feel good" or "feel safe", but has little if no effect on the safety of our public (and especially the safety of our children).

Consider this:

  1. We have armed security for our Banks to protect our money
  2. We have armed security for our Government Buildings
  3. We have armed security for our Politicians
  4. Celebrities have armed personal security
However, we do not provide trained and armed security for our most precious assets - our children, and also for our everyday citizens and workers. This is unacceptable !

The Real-World, Practical Realities
We also need to wake up to reality, think rationally, and recognize the following:

  • Those who plan or commit these horrific acts are in our opinion, mentally ill. Anyone who is adjudicated as mentally ill should not have access to, or be allowed to purchase a firearm.

  • The name "Active Shooter" is misleading. Active Shooters are not limited to firearm attacks !  Edged Weapon, Blunt Weapon, Explosive, Chemical and Vehicular attacks are also becoming a reality. They are becoming sophisticated and some active shooter events involve more than one attacker.

  • YOU ARE THE FIRST RESPONDER !  Statistics available from the DOJ that will show the average response time in a metropolitan area for a 911 emergency call can be anywhere from 4 minutes to 18 minutes (approx.). 

                Until Law Enforcement arrives, assembles and enters, YOU ARE THE FIRST RESPONDER !

  • So called "Gun Free Zones" are not "Safety Zones".  Rather, they encourage Active Shooters, because they realize that there will be no law abiding response to stop them.

    The Attacker does not see a "Gun Free Zone" sign and walk away because the sign states that "Guns are not allowed here".

    They see Gun Free Zones as easy targets.  We must realize that Columbine, Orlando, Aurora, San Bernardino, Parkland, Newtown, and most others - were "Gun Free Zones". 

    Ask yourself this one simple question: If at any of the events listed prior a single person, on-site and before law enforcement arrived were able to stop that attack, how many people and especially children would be alive today ?

    We need to face the reality that those who seek to commit harm to others DO NOT CARE ABOUT
There are things that we can do !
The Active Shooter problem is complicated and is riddled with combinations of emotion, fear, media hype, sensationalism, and anger.

However, we can put combinations of effective techniques and measures in place that will will reduce the probability of an Active Shooter event, and will also reduce the potential of injury and fatality.  To do so takes courage and strength to speak out, a focus on facts, and to promote a real-world approach.

We believe that the only way to address this problem is multi-layered, and we recognize that no single technique, tactic, or regulation will be effective.  Here are our recommendations, with 3 layers:

1. Legislative
Our politicians and legislatures need to focus on the problem, and stop playing to emotions, public opinion, or to gaining votes.
  • There are specific and operational tactics that can be implemented by regulatory statute that will help. Our legislators need to focus on Mental Illness. If we can keep those who are adjudicated as mentally ill from possessing or obtaining a firearm, it will help !

  • We have numerous existing gun laws already in place. Start enforcing them !
2. Security
Every school, business, and work site must have reasonable security measures in place. Unarmed "security" at an entrance does not suffice.
  • Require an annual Physical Security Site Review of all educational institutions. Identify vulnerabilities and gaps, and require remediation (entry points, exits, cameras, room security devices, door blocking devices, and so on).  Make the site as difficult as possible for an attack.

  • Provide armed, trained and uniformed personnel at all educational institutions. Consider employing retired law enforcement, military, as well as highly trained and certified security personnel. To further encourage these trained defenders, provide a tax exemption and Social Security exemption to those who are retired and employed in this capacity.

  • Train students and employees as to specific safety and survival techniques (not just have them watch a 10 minute video on Run, Hide, Fight). They need to understand the importance of awareness, how to quickly determine if an exit point is safe, how to identify secondary attackers, the difference between concealment and ballistic cover. They also need to have real-world and effective options to fight (not throwing shoes or plants or rocks).
3. Trained Civilians are First Responders
    The first 4 to 18 minutes are critical and until Law Enforcement arrives, YOU ARE THE FIRST RESPONDER !
  • Train a select group of school administrators and teachers, or employees as armed first responders (those who are willing, pass background checks, and who successfully complete extensive training).

    This training is not to change the role of a teacher or employee to become a Security Officer.  Rather, it is an additional measure to provide rapid response, until Law Enforcement arrives. This training is:
    • NOT limited to CCW  training
    • NOT a simple video or class
    • NOT a one-time training class or event
    • NOT a replacement for Law Enforcement

  • Additionally, train all students and employees as to specific safety and survival techniques, with a required 2 hour class (including a drill, walk-through of the facility, escape techniques, awareness, real-world fight response, etc.).
Our Active Shooter Training Offerings
We offer 2 different types of Active Shooter Training:
  1. Family,  Friend and Neighbor Training. This training is for anyone: you, your family, children, and neighbors. The focus of this training is on awareness, safety and survival. This training course is 1 day in duration

  2. Civilian First Responder Training. This training is for School Administrators, Teachers, Security Teams and Selected Employees. It does not replace the role of Law Enforcement. It is an approach that allows for highly trained civilian, who will act as on-site first responders (until Law Enforcement arrives) to help others reach safety and when possible, to stop the attacker.

    This training curriculum has numerous safety protocols and pre-requisites, with an initial 4 days of training followed by monthly, quarterly and annual training reviews, exercises and drills. This training also emphasizes working with  local law enforcement.
We do not publicly disclose the details of our Active Shooter training approach, techniques or drills. Our Civilian First Responder Training offering requires validation that you have authority to represent an official School District, Corporation, or similar institution. You must contact us for more information.
Our Instructors
Our instructors are certified in multiple disciplines and by multiple defense, military and private firearms and security industry training organizations (e.g DOD JCS, DOD DSS, DHS, FEMA, IST, S2 Institute, AFIMAC, NRA, USCCA, ICE / Delta Defense, etc.). Our instructors have been trained for Anti-Terrorism  and Terrorism response, as well as Weapons of Mass Destruction, Counter-Intelligence, and Active Shooter response. They will provide tremendous insights, deep knowledge and extensive experience with defensive firearms training.

We are not an FFL or dealer and as an organization, we do not sell, purchase, trade, distribute, or otherwise transfer firearms.

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