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  Arizona Tactical Defense Training Institute™
   "Adaptive Tactics" for Law Enforcement, Military, Corporate Security Personnel
      and Civilian / Family Self-Defense  (armed and unarmed)
Defensive Handgun

Additional Training Dates will be coming soon !

Consider this....
You own a handgun and you have your CCW permit. Are you confident that you can defend yourself from an attacker ? If you encounter a Home Defense scenario, do you know how enter a room ? Navigate a hallway ? If in a shopping mall parking lot, can you effectively present your firearm to defend against an attacker ?

This is a 4 hr, focused, training course for Defensive Handgun. Class size will be limited to no more than 16 students. We will cover:
- Firearm Safety Rules and Range Safety Rules
- The correct method of presenting your firearm from a holster and why the technique is so important
- How to enter, clear and mark a room
- How to navigate a hallway and why hallways are so dangerous
- How to identify and clear the 3 most common types of handgun malfunctions
- Moving off of the line of fire
- Conduct "after action" drills
- The 3 types of handgun reloads
- Multiple defensive attacker target areas (thoracic, cranial, abdominal)

We apply the 4 "D's"
(D)escribe, Our instructors will describe each technique, rule, etc., and will answer questions
(D)emonstrate, Our instructors will demonstrate each technique, from multiple angles, and will repeat as necessary
(D)o, Each student will perform the technique, under instructor supervision
(D)rill, Students will run through a supervised course of fire, with repetitive drills

This is not a Basic Handgun course or CCW permit course. To ensure that all of our students are at the same level and for safety reasons, there is a mandatory minimum pre-qualification.  You must have either taken a prior CCW Permit Application training course from Arizona Tactical Defense Training Institute - or - we can pre-qualify you. Pre-qualification is 1 hr before class start time.

This course will be held at the Ben Avery Sport Shooting Complex in North Phoenix. We have a separate range reserved for this class.

Arizona Tactical Defense Training Institute
Defensive Handgun I
Contact us if you are interested, and watch for our next scheduled Class. 

Reservations are Required ! Pre-payment will guarantee your place in the class !

Course Fees
$250 per person, Pre-paid at least 30 days in advance,
$300 per person, Without at least a 30 day pre-pay
$60 per person, Additional, Non-Refundable, Pre-Qualification Fee
(REQUIRED - if - you have not previously taken our specific course)

Equipment Requirements (students are required to bring)
- Clean, Fully Functional Handgun (semi-auto is recommended)
- Minimum of 2 each Fully Functional Magazines specific to your handgun
- 150 rds of Factory, New, Ammunition (note that reloads, steel core, Soviet imports are not allowed)
- Hard (Kydex), Outside the Waistband (OWB), Belt Mounted Holster fit to your handgun (Drop leg holsters are not allowed.)
- Retention devices, buttons, straps are not allowed, unless you are sworn Law Enforcement)
- Outside the Waistband (OWB), Belt Mounted Mag Carrier
- Hearing and Eye Protection
- Clothing Appropriate to the Weather
- Water, stay hydrated

Due to AZ Revised Statutes and the ability to complete a CCW Permit Application course from other schools and instructors entirely in a classroom and without a verified range/shooting component, you MUST have taken our CCW course - or - you must PRE-QUALIFY. There are no exceptions. Pre-qualification includes:
- Review of firearm safety rules
- Review of Grip, Stance, Sight Alignment, Sight Picture, Trigger Control
- 5 rounds fired from 5 yards
- 5 rounds fired from 10 yards

Reserve Your Place !
If you are interested, please contact us, and watch for our next Class !

If you are interested and would like to reserve a place in the class, please contact us at


1. We reserve the right to cancel and/or reschedule the course due to Weather, Illness, Conditions that are out of our direct control, or Acts of God.
2. If you pay at least 30 days in advance, we will guarantee your seat in the class
3. If you do not pay in advance, we cannot guarantee that there will be availability.
4. We accept checks, cash and credit cards (Square)
5. Pricing is subject to change without notice

Our Instructors
Our instructors are certified in multiple disciplines and by multiple defense, military and private firearms and security industry training organizations and/or are members  of (e.g DOD JCS, DOD DSS, DHS, FEMA,  FBI Infragard, IST, S2 Institute, IACSP, AFIMAC, NRA, USCCA, ICE, Delta Defense, etc.). Our instructors have been trained for Armed and Unarmed Self-defense, Anti-Terrorism response, as well as Weapons of Mass Destruction, Counter-Intelligence, and Active Shooter response. They will provide tremendous insights, deep knowledge and extensive experience with defensive firearms training.

We are not an FFL or dealer and as an organization, we do not sell, purchase, trade, distribute, or otherwise transfer firearms.

Contact us for training options and more information

AZ Tactical Defense Training Institute™
P. O. Box 30171
Phoenix,  AZ  85046-0171

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