Arizona Tactical Defense Training Institute™
  Arizona Tactical Defense Training Institute™
   "Adaptive Tactics" for Law Enforcement, Military, Corporate Security Personnel
      and Civilian / Family Self-Defense  (armed and unarmed)

Unarmed Self-Defense

Our Approach to Unarmed Self-Defense Training
includes foundational aspects of traditional Martial Arts, as well as adaptive methods of Urban Self-Defense. Our instructors are formally trained in multiple Self-Defense disciplines and hold multiple Instructor Certifications. If you are seeking practical, real-world Unarmed Self-Defense training, this is the course for you.

This course is offered to Law Enforcement, Military, Private Security Teams, and Civilians. It is highly effective for the average citizen. The focus of our Unarmed Self-Defense training is on the practical aspects of defending yourself against an attacker, with real-world scenarios. Our Unarmed Self-Defense training is offered as both a Group (e.g. class/dojo) and also private classes (e.g. individual, family, neighborhood or church group).

We can also provide this training offering at your facility or home (a minimum open area of not less than 12ft x 12ft is required). For onsite training, we will bring mats and protective gear.

Unarmed Self-Defense Training 
Our Unarmed Self-Defense training is highly interactive and physical. Our instructional aspects (lecture, demonstration) occur in session and on the mat. We apply a combination of instruction, demonstrations, scripted drills, situational drills, and high stress scenarios. Students will be instructed with both structured cadence and with reaction/response under duress.

We apply the 4 "D's"
(D)escribe,  Our instructors will describe each technique, rule, etc., and will answer questions
(D)emonstrate,  Our instructors will demonstrate each technique, from multiple angles, and will repeat as necessary
(D)o,  Each student will perform the technique, under instructor supervision
(D)rill,  Students will run through a supervised course of training, with repetitive cadence, scenario and situational drills

Unarmed Self-Defense
As described, this training offering is specific to Unarmed Self-Defense (e.g. without a primary weapon system). Unarmed Defense against an attacker in the real-world is not regimented, structured, or refereed. Where you are in fear of your life or significant physical harm, you need to respond decisively and effectively. As we describe: "Adapt, Overcome, Prevail".

While foundational Martial Arts practices are covered, emphasis is on the adaptive response and Urban Self-Defense. In the real-world, there is no such thing as a "fair fight". We teach techniques for defense, stopping your attacker and survival. There is no need to hesitate or consider options that will not allow you to survive. We also provide insights into critical survival scenarios such as, attempts by the attacker to move you to a secondary location, the difference between losing your belongings and losing your life, and the mindset of an attacker.

Training Curriculum

1. Safety Rules (mandatory)
2. Environmental Factors (Light, Weather, Noise, Explosive Shock, Overwhelming Force)
3. Bio-Mechanics and Stress (Surprise, Reaction Time, Breathing, Narrowed Vision, Loss of Fine Motor Skills)
4. Ethical Considerations (Degrees of Violence, Ethics of Injury to Another Person, Mindset of the Attacker)
5. Awareness, Avoidance, De-Escalation, Evade, Escape, Engage (Defend)
6. Scenario and Situational Considerations (Shopping Mall Parking Lot, Home Entry, Vehicle Entry, Multiple Attackers)
7. Adaptive Response (Ad-hoc Weapons, Positional Advantage, Distance)
8. Mental Preparation and Emotional Response

Techniques and Drills
1. Preparation (stretching, warm-up)
2. Balance, Center of Gravity, Stance
3. Strike, Block, Kick
4. Using Your "Hard Points" (e.g. Feet, Knees, Elbows, Head)
5. Escapes (e.g. Front Choke, Rear Choke, Headlock, Wrist Lock)
6. The "Danger Circles"
7. Defense Against a Weapon (e.g. Firearm, Edged Weapon, Blunt Weapon)
8. Defense on the Ground
9. Defense Against Multiple Attackers
10. Improvised Defensive Weapons
11. After Actions Drills

Our Unarmed Self-Defense Training is progressive and incremental. Multiple sessions are required to cover all techniques as listed. Additional training is recommended to reach a minimum level of proficiency.

General Information
Unarmed Self-Defense Training is offered "per session". Each session is 2 hrs in duration (with 4ea - 5 minute breaks). Each session is tailored toward the physical fitness, level of experience, and level of progress from previous sessions.

Note: Physical contact will occur and protective gear is required. We will emphasize safety, control and direction ("Slow is smooth and smooth is fast"). Structured cadence and repetition, as well as adaptive response are included.

Students must be at a minimum acceptable level of physical fitness and must be able to sustain physical effort and movement for significant periods of time. We can optionally offer training with alternatives for those who may have a physical disability.

Reservations are Required !

Course Fees (paid in advance)
$180 per person, per 2hr session  (group or classroom)
$240 per person, per 2hr session  (private, individual training)
Discounts may be offered for prepaid groups of 4 or more. All pricing is subject to change without notice.

Equipment Requirements (you must bring)
- Clean, Loose fitting, durable clothing (e.g. gym shoes, t-shirt, sweatshirt, jeans, workout pants or similar)
- Clean towel
- Hand sanitizer
- Water (bottled drinking water)

- All jewelry must be removed (both worn and piercings)
- Eyeglasses may be worn during instruction and structured activity, but must be removed for any physical contact

Reserve Your Place !
If you are interested, please contact us !

If you are interested and would like to reserve a place in the class, please contact us at

1. We reserve the right to cancel and/or reschedule the course due to Weather, Illness, Conditions that are out of our direct control, or Acts of God.
2. If you pay at least 30 days in advance, we will guarantee your seat in the class and will fully refund your payment in the event of a need for you to cancel or reschedule
3. If you do not pay in advance, we cannot guarantee that there will be availability. We have a very high level of interest for this course.
4. We accept checks and credit cards (Square)
5. Pricing is subject to change without notice

Our Instructors
Our instructors are certified in multiple disciplines and by multiple defense, military and private firearms and security industry training organizations and/or are members  of (e.g DOD JCS, DOD DSS, DHS, FEMA,  FBI Infragard, IST, S2 Institute, IACSP, AFIMAC, NRA, USCCA, ICE, Delta Defense, IACSP, etc.). Our instructors have been trained for Armed and Unarmed Self-defense, Anti-Terrorism response, as well as Weapons of Mass Destruction, Counter-Intelligence, and Active Shooter response. They will provide tremendous insights, deep knowledge and extensive experience.

We are not an FFL or dealer and as an organization, we do not sell, purchase, trade, distribute, or otherwise transfer firearms.

Contact us for training options and more information

AZ Tactical Defense Training Institute™
P. O. Box 30171
Phoenix,  AZ  85046-0171

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