Arizona Tactical Defense Training Institute™
  Arizona Tactical Defense Training Institute™
   "Adaptive Tactics" for Law Enforcement, Military, Corporate Security Personnel
      and Civilian / Family Self-Defense  (armed and unarmed)

Train like you fight and FIGHT like your life depends on it !
Firearm and unarmed self-defense training are not something that should be static or textbook. To survive and prevail, we need to have trained and become dynamic. Developing an adaptive mindset is a critical part of that training. Adapt, Overcome, Prevail !   (Aptet, Expugna, mundi Valete)

We are experienced firearms, self-defense and tactics instructors, with a high level of competence in handgun (semi-auto and revolver), rifle, and shotgun applications. We also have traditional experience with formal martial arts (shorei-ryu karate, aikido and judo), as well as applied methods of Urban Self-Defense.

Range Day December 9, 2017 !  RESERVE YOUR SPOT
We have a Range Day planned for December 9 at Ben Avery Sport Shooting Complex. You will have the opportunity to participate in structured, ad-hoc, and situational drills (including, but not limited to: holster presentation, shoot on the move, malfunctions, reloads, situational stress drills, defensive drills, and CQ drills). For more information visit our Range Day page.

Upcoming Comprehensive CCW Class - Saturday January 13, 2018 !

We have scheduled another one of our comprehensive AZ CCW Classes for Saturday January 13, 2018.  Our class runs a full day and includes not only the required review of AZ Revised Statutes, but also - Safety Rules, Basic Firearm Operation, Grip, Stance, Sight Picture, Sight Alignment, Trigger Control, considerations for the aftermath of a shooting, range practice, self-defense scenarios, and much, much more !

For more information about our Comprehensive AZ CCW Class, click here:  AZ CCW 

Sure... you can take the $49 class from other instructors to save a few dollars, but will they take you to the range and will you actually shoot your firearm ? Or...  will you just sit in a classroom and review some powerpoint slides ?  Carrying a firearm should include safety and responsibility. We do not take short-cuts. Our CCW class is real-world, comprehensive and taught by highly experienced instructors. Don't risk your safety or walk away without a full spectrum of training just to save a few dollars.

Click this Link and select "AZTDI-CW001" from the Drop Down to Reserve Your Place !

Tactical Training and Anti-Terrorism (MORE CLASSES AND DATES ARE COMING SOON !)
Our Tactical Training and Anti-Terrorism Training offerings are in extremely high demand. We will be adding additional training dates in the coming months. Contact us for updates at


       Arizona Tactical Defense Training Institute is now recognized as an ASRPA Certified Training Center !!!!

 We are pleased to announce that Arizona Tactical Defense Training Institute has been recognized as an ASRPA Certified Training Center. The Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association is a well-known and prestigious organization that offers firearms and related training, and promotes the 2nd amendment. We are proud to offer the official ASRPA Civilian Anti-Terrorist, Active Shooter Survival course, as a valuable addition to our other training courses. For more information, please contact us at                              

Our instructors are certified by multiple organizations and for multiple disciplines, including, but not limited to: NRA Certified, USCCA Associate, ASFA Certified, US DOD (JCS, DSS) Certifications, US DHS Certifications, US FEMA Certifications, US Department of State, S2 Safety and Intelligence Institute Certified, IST International Security Training Institute Certified, IACSP Certified, nd AFIMAC Certifications.

     Corporate Security, Private Security Teams, Institutional, Law Enforcement, Public Sector: 
  • Individual and Team Tactics (Situational Tactics, assess-shoot-move-communicate, CQB)
  • Armed and Unarmed Self-Defense
  • Individual and Team Training (Situational Tactics, assess-shoot-move-communicate)
  • Anti-Terrorism - Terrorism Response, WMD Awareness
  • Active Shooter Response, Workplace Violence Training
  • Surveillance, Security Assessments
  • Private Security Guard and Corporate Security Team Training
  • Armed and Unarmed Self-Defense
  • Arizona Tactical Fitness (Warrior Fitness Training)
  • Customized Training

     Civilian, Family, Individual, Corporate, Private Sector:
  • Firearms Operation, Safety, and Marksmanship
  • Arizona CCW Permit Application Training and Preparation
  • NRA Certified Firearms Training
  • Practical Personal Self-Defense (unarmed, armed)
  • Practical Personal Air and Travel Self-Defense 
  • Arizona Tactical Fitness (Warrior Fitness Training)
  • Corporate Team Building Events
  • Custom / Personalized and High Profile Client Training
We also offer civilian, family and community training, including our state of the art, free clinic on personal safety, defense and awareness - "Stay Aware, Stay Smart, and Stay Safe" © 2013-2014. Contact us for training schedules.  

We are not an FFL or dealer and as an organization, we do not sell, purchase, trade, distribute, or otherwise transfer firearms.

Contact us for training schedules and more information

AZ Tactical Defense Training Institute™
P. O. Box 30171
Phoenix,  AZ  85046-0171

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