Arizona Tactical Defense Training Institute™
  Arizona Tactical Defense Training Institute™
   "Adaptive Tactics" for Law Enforcement, Military, Corporate Security Personnel
      and Civilian Community Group Self-Defense  (armed and unarmed)

Train like you fight and FIGHT like your life depends on it !

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We are no longer offering individual training. We welcome and will accommodate civilian groups of 8 ore more, such as Church Groups, Private Security Teams, Neighborhood Watch Groups, Families, etc.)

Firearm and unarmed self-defense training are not something that should be static or textbook. To survive and prevail, we need to have trained to become dynamic. Developing an adaptive mindset is a critical part of that training.

We are highly experienced firearms, self-defense and tactics instructors, with a high level of competence in handgun, rifle, and shotgun applications. We also have traditional experience with formal martial arts (shorei-ryu karate, aikido and judo), as well as applied methods of Urban Self-Defense.

Our instructors are certified by multiple organizations and for multiple disciplines, including, but not limited to: NRA Certified Instructors, NRA Range Safety Officers, USCCA Associate Instructors, ASFA Certified Self-Defense and Martial Arts Instructors, ICE/Delta Defense Certified, US DOD (JCS, DSS) Certified, US DHS Certified, US FEMA Certified, US Department of State, CATO Certified, S2 Safety and Intelligence Institute Certified, IST International Security Training Institute Certified, and AFIMAC Certified.

Corporate Security Teams, Private Security Teams, Institutional, Law Enforcement, Public Sector and Private Sector (Community, Church, Neighborhood, Social, Corporate Groups): 

- Small Unit / Team Training 
- Situational and Scenario Training, Shoot-Move-Communicate
- Anti-Terrorism, WMD Awareness
- Active Shooter Response, Workplace Violence Training
- Corporate and Private Security Team Training
- Weapons (Operation, Safety, Marksmanship)
- Arizona CCW Permit Application Training
- Civilian Anti-Terrorism, Terrorism Response 
- Custom / Personalized and High Profile Client Training

We are not an FFL or firearms dealer and as an organization, we do not sell, purchase, trade, distribute, or otherwise transfer firearms.

Contact us for training options and more information

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